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  • October 1, 2018
[Frontier Letter] Volcanic smoke reduction in visible and thermal infrared imagery

Photographs are not what you see. When I (TH) was a student back in 1990s, I was always frustrated with the volcano pictures that I photographed because they somehow did not look like what I thought I really saw. It was often due to white smoke in front. So I used to prefer hand-sketching in which I can build a complete compilation of my observation for several minutes as a mosaic without such annoying plumes. One day in many years later, I was taking a sketch as usual and came up with an idea that a part of the functions of hand-sketching, i.e. piecing informative portions into one picture, could be done more objectively by computer. This paper presents a simple algorithm of digital compositing that eliminates volcanic smoke from an image sequence. Supplemental material with the ready-to-run sample scripts for visible and TIR images are also available!

(posted by Takeshi Hashimoto: corresponding author)

Click to view the article (Hashimoto et al., 2018)