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  • March 27, 2023
The 2022 EPS Young Researcher Award

The 2022 EPS Young Researcher award is granted to Dr. Takahiro Abe, as the first author of the following paper.
This paper studied the landform deformation caused by the permafrost thawing in Yakutia in eastern Siberia through L-band InSAR data analysis. Such ground deformation response is important to monitor the effects of recent global warming on the Arctic environment. Previous studies on permafrost were mostly based on pointwise onsite measurements. By applying the InSAR stacking technique, the authors successfully revealed the spatiotemporal distribution of the seasonal as well as inter-annual subsidence of a partially forested thermokarst area. With wide coverage and good spatial resolution for the amplitude of the ground deformation related to the degradation of permafrost, this study demonstrated a new application of InSAR technology to the monitoring of permafrost areas. The first author Takahiro Abe has made the main contribution to this study, to whom we award the 2022 EPS Young Researcher Award.