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  • April 11, 2022
The 2021 EPS Young Researcher Award

The 2021 EPS Young Research Award is granted to Guillaume Ropp, as the first author of the following paper.
This paper proposed a new original method to estimate the core magnetic field with a better separation of sources contributing to the observed geomagnetic field. The new method combined a sequential modelling approach with Kalman filter, and a correlation-based modelling step. The separation of different contributions relies on a strong prior information on their spatial and temporal behaviours of the geomagnetic field. The new method also yields reliable uncertainties on the core magnetic field and reliably render fast variations of the core field and its secular variation. The new method has a potential to make a great leap forward by modeling core field variations at shorter periods, which will also impact other research fields such as earth rotation. The first author Guillaume Ropp has made the main contribution to this study, to whom we award the 2021 EPS Young Researcher Award.