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  • March 31, 2021
The 2020 EPS Young Researcher Award

The 2020 EPS Young Researcher Award is granted to Masaya Kimura, as the first author of the following paper.
This paper reported an observation of transient elastogravity signals prior to the P-wave arrival of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake by using a new processing strategy. They optimized the multi-channel data recorded by superconducting gravimeters, broadband seismometers and tiltmeters, providing new constraints on the amplitude of the observed prompt signals that may serve as a reference in the detection of similar signals in future earthquakes. In this paper, the authors also proposed a theoretical development of the prompt signal as gravity-gradient in addition to acceleration and gravity perturbation. Such elastogravity transient perturbation is promising for future early-warning systems. This paper highlighted scientific interests about this transient gravity signal. The first author Masaya Kimura has made the main contribution to this study, to whom we award the 2020 EPS Young Researcher Award.