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  • March 31, 2021
The 2nd EPS Special Award

The 2nd EPS Special Award goes to the authors of the following papers.
These technical reports present GEOMAGIA50.v3, a comprehensive online database providing access to published paleomagnetic, rock magnetic, and chronological data from a variety of materials that record information about Earth’s magnetic field over the past 50 thousand years, containing over 12,000 entries of geomagnetic field directions and intensities from archeological and volcanic materials, and approximately 46,000 data entries for sedimentary records. It has been widely utilized in studies of geomagnetism, the deep Earth, the space environment, climate, volcanism, and archeology. Both papers are among the most well-cited technical reports in Earth, Planets and Space with over 90 citations as of March 2021. Contribution of these papers to the academic and relevant research is outstanding. Thus, we decided the EPS Special Award should go to these papers.