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  • October 11, 2020

Call for nominations: 2020 EPS Excellent Paper Award

The EPS Excellent Paper Award was established in 2015 to recognize excellent papers that have been published in Earth, Planets and Space. The 2020 award will be presented to the authors of paper published with EPS in 2015-2019. The EPS Excellent Paper Award Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2020 award. Please complete the following items and email them to the following address no later than November 30, 2020.… Read more

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  • September 1, 2020

Option of In Review during the submission

In Review option has been available during the submission to EPS. In Review on the Research Square platform is a free service for authors submitting to Springer Nature journals to provide a preprint with a DOI and to track the status of your manuscript. The authors can select area of studies (e.g., Geophysics, Planetary Science, Seismology, Volcanology, and Space Exploration), and multiple choices are available. Samples of published EPS preprints… Read more

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  • August 6, 2020

EPS Award 2019 Ceremony

EPS Award 2019 Ceremony was held online on 3 August 2020.   The 2019 EPS Young Researcher Award was granted to Shoya Matsuda, as the first author of the following paper: Shoya Matsuda, Yoshiya Kasahara, Hirotsugu Kojima, Yasumasa Kasaba, Satoshi Yagitani, Mitsunori Ozaki, Tomohiko Imachi, Keigo Ishisaka, Atsushi Kumamoto, Fuminori Tsuchiya, Mamoru Ota, Satoshi Kurita, Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Mitsuru Hikishima, Ayako Matsuoka and Iku Shinohara (2018), Onboard software of Plasma Wave… Read more

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  • July 1, 2020

Impact Factor (2019) for EPS

The impact factor 2019 for EPS was just announced: 2-year Impact Factor (2019) = 2.075 5-year Impact Factor (2019) = 2.472 The other parameters for EPS are as follows: CiteScore (2019) = 5.2 H-index = 69 2-year Impact Factor5-year Impact Factor 20192.0752.472 20182.7362.507 20172.7732.288 20162.2432.080 20151.8712.038 20141.3281.791 20133.0561.834 20122.9211.703 20110.7951.025 20101.1121.112 20091.0741.233 20080.7940.991 20071.1881.161 Read more

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  • May 4, 2020

New Word Limit of Express Letter

EPS is promoting a submission of an Express Letter, which is a brief report of research findings. It used to have a limitation by the number of words in the whole manuscript as 5,000, including the author list, declarations, and references. The new word limit is still 5,000, but is counted by the total number of words only in the main text, the figure captions and the table captions, excluding… Read more